Consumer Benefits

By using Your ID’s app, the consumer has the following main benefits:

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Because of eliminating usernames and passwords, access credentials cannot be stolen or lost anymore, providing security and preventing identity fraud.


Your ID’s platform does not track & trace the consumer’s behaviour and has no insight in any of the consumer’s information. Your ID respects their privacy, wherever their identity is represented by Your ID. Your ID functions purely as a “blind intermediary”.


The consumer controls and decides what information to share with what parties, and decides to give approval (or not) to be approached by those parties. By simply ticking (or de-ticking) the corresponding boxes on their account page, the consumer can always adjust these settings and/or revoke consent to share their information, without adjusting these settings on the websites where they have previously registered.

Furthermore, consumers can commercialize their own ID information. The consumer decides who has this information and who benefits from it. In addition, with Your ID the consumer is the one who is rewarded for sharing this information (for example through discounts), thereby creating their own personal centralized loyalty program.

Another benefit is that the consumer could use (for example) their Facebook profile to share information with certain suppliers for specific offers. In this case, Your ID’s platform acts as the intermediary for data sharing about the consumer and their preferences. The consumer can select the type of companies that they are interested in and with who they wish to share their preferences, so only those types of companies can send specific offers on the consumer’s social media.


Your ID eliminates the need to remember usernames and passwords. Furthermore, Your ID’s app can be used virtually everywhere because the open API plugins are available for free to all online platforms, CMS systems and websites.

 Therefore, the app can be used from streaming services to cloud access and from online gaming to online shopping. In addition, at a later stage, access could be provided to private properties like cars, boats, and homes, and secure access to all kinds of external locations, such as nightclubs, gyms, and stadiums.



The foundation is based on four pillars:


       Consumers data security, eliminating ID fraud. 

       Consumers privacy, avoiding unwanted tracking and tracing within YourID’s                          platform. 

       User controls what ID information to share with who and where.

       Convenient and frictionless access, without passwords and usernames.


Although there exist numerous innovative technological solutions for many kinds of online access that are based on (all or some of) the same pillars, YourID's founders noticed that there is not a universal solution with one single app that is available for all consumers and for all online access situations


The reason for this, is that there doesn't exist a central impartial umbrella body that organizes and coordinates a collaboration between all online platforms and websites on a global scale. YourID's ambition is to become this umbrella body, based on its setup with an impartial position and its unique offering to the individual, while respecting the privacy and business relation between the individual and the online platform or website.


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Approach & Offer

Another key differentiator is that YourID is governed through a foundation that supervises the platform based on balance of power and joint control by a variety of stakeholders. This governance model and YourID's ability to collaborate with any existing high-end technology, make YourID the ideal consumer representative for all its technology partners. In addition, for consumers it means that they will finally have a centralized solution for all their ID representations united in one single app.


The user's mobile phone will be used as an identifier to get access to any online location through YourID's app. The mobile phone can be used as a stand-alone device or works in combination with a desktop computer. In addition, YourID's app will be able to provide access to physical locations.


A key principle of YourID's platform is that any website, CMS system and online platform can easily integrate YourID's technology with their own technology, after having downloaded the free plugin, that is made available on YourID's website and marketplaces.


One of the conditions that all participants in the platform should respect, is that they abide by the four pillars of our philosophy, which among others means that users should be able to easily revoke access to their data at any time whenever they wish to do so.


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Social Impact

Therefore, in addition to fighting ID theft and fraud, the YourID Foundation will also help victims of ID theft and fraud. We will do this by supporting associations where these victims are registered, among others with legal assistance and support from IT security experts, that will help the victims to reclaim their identity and get their life back on track. A percentage of the Foundation’s annual revenues will be dedicated to this goal.


In a broader sense, the YourID Foundation will support all activities that are related to creating a positive experience regarding a person’s digital identity. This is demonstrated among others by the goal of the YourID Foundation as described in the articles of association (the YourID Foundation is registered in The Netherlands), which is as follows:


Protecting consumers' privacy, personal data and digital identity in a transparent and independent way, promoting the control that consumers have over their digital identity and the control that consumers have over the use of and access to their data and digital profiles, as well as the development and provision of a digital platform based on innovative technologies with the highest attainable level of user-friendliness and security, that can become the international industry standard based on collaboration with the largest digital consumer platforms, thereby significantly contributing to the fight against identity theft and fraud, and performing everything related to this or which may be conducive thereto.

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