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For all your online access without usernames and passwords and ID management. Using the best and safest technologies available, giving you full control, maximum privacy and the most secure connection.

Approach and Offer

YourID is creating an ID revolution based on a combination of technologies from the best providers in the market, united in one dashboard and one single app that respects consumers’ privacy, gives them full control over their identity information (GDPR) and provides secure access without usernames and passwords to any online location, from streaming services to cloud access and from social networks to online shopping.


YourID wants to become the centralized marketplace for all best-performing ID technology companies and to create a centralized ID solution, giving seamless access to any online location for all users, eliminating ID fraud, anonymous internet bullying, and the need for usernames and passwords.

Social Impact

 The social impact of the YourID Foundation goes further than offering consumers control over their identity and a secure, privacy-respecting, frictionless way to access any online location.

One specific goal of the Foundation in this respect is to support victims of ID fraud. Many victims suffer financial stress and experience similar emotional effects as victims of violent crimes, ranging from anxiety to emotional volatility.


The YourID Foundation was established for the sole reason to protect consumers and put them back in control of their ID information.

The foundation was created by a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals in the digital identity space, who saw the need to establish a single platform for all consumers that can be used to access any online location.

Why this initiative?

There is a need for an independent party, an impartial middleman who doesn’t have any interest in the user’s information, and who guarantees and respects the user’s privacy, while being accepted by all parties involved. Identifying the user completely secure but for the impartial middleman the user remains technologically anonymous.

In addition, as an independent platform YourID doesn’t interfere in the business where the client uses YourID’s COMBINED technology to access. Instead, it delivers these businesses a verified identity without the risk of ID fraud, internet bullying or any other risk for imitating a user’s ID.

Furthermore, users don’t want a variety of different apps on their smartphone to access different platforms and websites. All these apps individually store the user’s ID information and keep a profile of the user, making it complicated and difficult for users to manage and control their information. Ideally, users want just one app that provides them access to any online location and that offers a single method to control what data to share with all these different parties.

In addition, YourID prevents unwanted tracking and profiling. Only the online locations that the user visits can see their identity-related information, and only based on the approval that the user gave them explicitly to view that information. The user just ticks (or doesn’t tick) the boxes in their account page on YourID’s platform to give consent to share specific information requested by the website or platform. Alternatively, the information the user shares depends on the type of on-boarding and usage of YourID.

Partner Benefits

Each online market has its own problems caused by unsafe access standards. For example, in e-commerce, it is a high percentage of people that cancel a transaction due to a lack of trust or ID verification hassle, and for social media platforms, problems relate to unwanted takeover of accounts.

In general, it concerns risks that are involved with usernames and passwords, avoidable costs and/or contaminated data. YourID’s initiative not just stops this, but also offers the consumer one single app that gives access through the best ID technologies in the market. In addition, within the consumer solution, technology partners finally get access to the end-user/consumer, who they can deliver a great User Experience, instead of just delivering their solution to a local corporate project.

User Benefits

By using YourID’s app, the user has the following main benefits.


Because of eliminating usernames and passwords, access credentials cannot be stolen or lost anymore, providing security and preventing identity fraud.


YourID’s platform does not track & trace the user’s behaviour and has no insight in any of the user’s information. YourID respects their privacy, wherever their identity is represented by YourID. YourID functions purely as a “blind intermediary”.


The user controls and decides what information to share with what parties, and decides to give approval (or not) to be approached by those parties. By simply ticking (or de-ticking) the corresponding boxes on their account page, the user can always adjust these settings and/or revoke consent to share their information, without adjusting these settings on the websites where they have previously registered.

Furthermore, users can commercialize their own ID information. The user decides who has this information and who benefits from it. In addition, with YourID the user is the one who is rewarded for sharing this information (for example through discounts), thereby creating their own personal centralized loyalty program.

Another benefit is that the user could use (for example) their Facebook profile to share information with certain suppliers for specific offers. In this case, YourID’s platform acts as the intermediary for data sharing about the user and their preferences. The user can select different categories and companies with who they wish to share their preferences. This means that only those types of companies can send specific offers directly to the user’s email address and the user’s mobile phone (by SMS) and use YourID’s app for enriched notifications.


YourID eliminates the need to remember usernames and passwords. Furthermore, YourID’s app can be used virtually everywhere because plugins are available for free to all online platforms, CMS systems and websites.

Therefore, the app can be used from streaming services to cloud access and from online gaming to online shopping. In addition, at a later stage, access could be provided to private properties like cars, boats, and homes, and secure access to all kinds of external locations, such as nightclubs, gyms, and stadiums.


Based on a list of participation criteria, the Foundation selects and contracts various providers that are involved in the development and maintenance of the platform, such as technology partners.

The technology will be developed by a separate external entity. This external entity will be under supervision and control of the Foundation. The main bodies controlling and managing the Foundation (and thus also controlling the external entity) are the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board and the Advisory Board.

Founders & Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the YourID Foundation consists of the four founders who are seasoned entrepreneurs with in-depth knowledge of the global digital identity space and ample experience in building a scalable identification platform. Based on their experience they noticed that the technology is already available, but that it is not being used to the benefit of the user, because a transparent, central body doesn’t exist. This insight resulted in their motivation to create a foundation that would enable this, and improve the user’s online life and security.

The Board of Directors consists of the following individuals.

Ted Oorbals

General Director

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Barry McDermott

Alliance Director

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Alberto Cejudo

Financial Advisor

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Julio Cesar Pea

Technology Director

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Richard Citteur


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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board will consist of representatives of the biggest online platforms that join YourID’s initiative, various organizations that represent the interests of consumers, professional organisations (mobile operators GSMA, banking and gambling associations, etc.) and a variety of governmental bodies.

The Supervisory Board will control all relevant aspects of the Foundation and will be responsible for supervising the Foundation’s management and general affairs and the service connected with it, and for advising the Board of Directors on matters that are of far-reaching consequence and/or important in principle.

The Supervisory Board will be guided by the interests of the Foundation and its service and it will consider the relevant interests of all those involved in the Foundation.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will consist of an international network of distinguished, renowned experts from the private and public sector, who have agreed to give the Foundation advice and guidance on key strategic activities.

They will provide meaningful help on a regular basis in many different areas, including law, organizational development, marketing, tax, finance, technology, policy, and outreach. Based on abilities, experience and knowledge, members are selected for how they complement a particular goal of the Foundation, or the Foundation as a whole.

User Journey


YourID’s app supports fingerprint and face recognition and will be available for the most used platforms. The user can download and on-board onto YourID’s mobile app by following the simple steps described below.

1. The user visits the app store supported by the OS of their phone, and searches and installs YourID’s app.

2. The user starts the enrolment process. The app requests the user’s name, email address and phone number. Optionally, the user can enrol using third party logins like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

3. For verification reasons, an SMS-message and an email will be sent to the user with a confirmation link.

4. The app requests a finger to be placed on the phone’s fingerprint sensor, or to use the face recognition feature. If the biometric ID is recognized by the phone, a confirmation message appears that it has been enrolled correctly.

5. Once successfully enrolled, additional online profiles can be added to the free account (for example a Facebook or LinkedIn profile), and these profiles can be used to share with third parties.


After the enrolment process for YourID’s service, the user can add multiple “ID Documents” to their profile. These ID Documents can be a national ID, passport, social security card or drivers licence, among others. To verify the validity of these documents, a third party identifier company will be used. This would enable users to employ YourID to identify themselves digitally, for example when opening a bank account or to access places where a verified ID is required.

To access an online website on their PC, the user opens a website that offers YourID login functionality and clicks “Login with YourID”. A QR code will be shown to connect the web browser with the user’s mobile phone for future visits. This process only has to be completed once in this browser, and is also valid for accessing websites of other partners within the same web browser, thereby eliminating the need for usernames and passwords.

In the mobile app, the user clicks the option “Scan QR”. The app will ask for a confirmation. On the PC, the website will show what information is requested to complete the access procedure. In case the user agrees to share this information, they click “allow”. After that, the login is established and the user can start their visit.

If, for whatever reason, the user does not want the platform or website to have their information anymore, the user visits YourID’s app and selects the relevant platform or website to revoke access and revoke sharing their information. This platform or website will receive a signal, requesting to delete the user’s information and/or consent.

Technology Criteria

In order to provide the highest standard of service quality, availability and user experience, YourID has defined several requirements that potential technology partners should meet, to qualify as provider of YourID’s technology.

  • Security and privacy by design
  • The technology must be designed and developed with the user’s privacy as core. All information and transactions coming from the user to the clients must be private, and only the user and company must be able to read the information. All the traffic to YourID’s premise must be encrypted with a distributed key system that guarantees the security and privacy of the data.

  • High scalability and stability
  • The technology must be able to scale at a fast pace to be able to support access for billons of users, with proven stability. The platform design must follow a micro service architecture with distributed data between several datacentres and must be cloud agnostic.

  • Transaction and power efficiency
  • Each access transaction must be as efficient as possible to allow high scalability with low power consumption and low cost per user.

  • Multifactor authentication including user biometrics
  • To ease the usability of the app and improve the security, multifactor authentication must be used. This will include the user’s device, user biometrics, and other factors that the user wants to include. Fingerprint sensors embedded in the mobile devices will be used, as well as face recognition. In addition, FIDO devices will be enabled for user authentication.

  • Total quality assurance
  • All the different processes must be evaluated to guarantee the quality of the whole platform, the service uptime and the customer support, following protocols based on ISO9001:2015.

  • Easy integration by using standard technology
  • YourID will offer a federated service platform encouraging collaboration with many parties that can easily integrate their existing systems with our app, any website or identity server. For this it’s necessary to offer OpenID and SAML as main protocols.

  • Highly secure storage
  • Personal data must be stored with the highest security standards due to the meticulous design of the system, and the rigorous safety tests and protocols, based on ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

  • User-centric YourID Apps
  • Mobile apps must be developed with the user as the centre of the interaction, making the experience as convenient and versatile as possible. The app’s usability should be tested with real user groups and verified by UX experts.


For all enquiries please contact YourID at

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The foundation is based on four pillars:


       Consumers data security, eliminating ID fraud. 

       Consumers privacy, avoiding unwanted tracking and tracing within YourID’s                          platform. 

       User controls what ID information to share with who and where.

       Convenient and frictionless access, without passwords and usernames.


Although there exist numerous innovative technological solutions for many kinds of online access that are based on (all or some of) the same pillars, YourID's founders noticed that there is not a universal solution with one single app that is available for all consumers and for all online access situations


The reason for this, is that there doesn't exist a central impartial umbrella body that organizes and coordinates a collaboration between all online platforms and websites on a global scale. YourID's ambition is to become this umbrella body, based on its setup with an impartial position and its unique offering to the individual, while respecting the privacy and business relation between the individual and the online platform or website.


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Approach & Offer

Another key differentiator is that YourID is governed through a foundation that supervises the platform based on balance of power and joint control by a variety of stakeholders. This governance model and YourID's ability to collaborate with any existing high-end technology, make YourID the ideal consumer representative for all its technology partners. In addition, for consumers it means that they will finally have a centralized solution for all their ID representations united in one single app.


The user's mobile phone will be used as an identifier to get access to any online location through YourID's app. The mobile phone can be used as a stand-alone device or works in combination with a desktop computer. In addition, YourID's app will be able to provide access to physical locations.


A key principle of YourID's platform is that any website, CMS system and online platform can easily integrate YourID's technology with their own technology, after having downloaded the free plugin, that is made available on YourID's website and marketplaces.


One of the conditions that all participants in the platform should respect, is that they abide by the four pillars of our philosophy, which among others means that users should be able to easily revoke access to their data at any time whenever they wish to do so.


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Social Impact

Therefore, in addition to fighting ID theft and fraud, the YourID Foundation will also help victims of ID theft and fraud. We will do this by supporting associations where these victims are registered, among others with legal assistance and support from IT security experts, that will help the victims to reclaim their identity and get their life back on track. A percentage of the Foundation’s annual revenues will be dedicated to this goal.


In a broader sense, the YourID Foundation will support all activities that are related to creating a positive experience regarding a person’s digital identity. This is demonstrated among others by the goal of the YourID Foundation as described in the articles of association (the YourID Foundation is registered in The Netherlands), which is as follows:


Protecting consumers' privacy, personal data and digital identity in a transparent and independent way, promoting the control that consumers have over their digital identity and the control that consumers have over the use of and access to their data and digital profiles, as well as the development and provision of a digital platform based on innovative technologies with the highest attainable level of user-friendliness and security, that can become the international industry standard based on collaboration with the largest digital consumer platforms, thereby significantly contributing to the fight against identity theft and fraud, and performing everything related to this or which may be conducive thereto.

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