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One ID For Every Situation

What is YourID?

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YourID offers strong incentives for businesses, consumers, governments and citizens to finally have access to a reliable, secure, and convenient digital identity. Where previous attempts to establish universal ID failed, YourID will succeed thanks to our key pillars:

YourID is the world’s first trusted identity platform. Users will no longer face a confusing array of authentication mechanisms when performing transactions online – or in the real world, for that matter – because they will have access to a single, convenient, highly secure identity solution in the form of YourID. 


  • Technology Agnostic: A flexible range of partners offer the most appropriate technology for  any given situation, instead of relying on a single technological solution.


  • Cross-industry Collaboration: YourID will be controlled by a wide variety of stakeholders from various industries, including leading websites and online platforms.


  • Shared Cost: Free for the end-user, while participating platforms reduce costs for IAM up to 95%, since these costs will be shared between them due to re-usable identities.
  • Data Enrichment Through Consent: Users can choose to complete their profile with e.g. financial or medical information or data from a smart watch. This way, through explicit consent users enrich data for companies, while receiving benefits in return.

Why Should ID Be Universal?

Circumventing the maze of processes and requirements when it comes to accessing accounts and services online, YourID offers end users and businesses the ideal identity solution. With YourID they can reliably confirm their identities across a range of services and platforms using a single credential, and with minimum friction and maximum control over private information.

People don’t want to put themselves at risk, but they lack a simple and effective re-usable identity solution for online security. This is why YourID will offer such compelling advantages to the end user and the best user experience:

• Convenient Access and one time on-boarding for all online situations. Using the biometric sensors on smartphones, YourID eliminates the need to remember passwords and enables instant access to any online account, after a simple one-time only enrolment process.

• Security. Through the combination of various proven, certified technologies and a meticulous architecture, YourID delivers the highest form of security and remote identification.

• Privacy. YourID’s Swiss foundation and technological architecture guarantee the highest form of privacy for the individual and participating partners.

Security & Privacy By Design

Two of the key components of the YourID proposition make it unique in comparison to identity platforms that have come before it: cross-industry collaboration and a technology- agnostic model. Collaboration and transparency are at the heart of YourID, and these two building blocks ensure everything our organization builds is flexible, accessible and trustworthy by design from day one.

The lifecycle of a user account is a chain composed of transactions, beginning with onboarding and carrying through every authorized interaction. As we all know, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why, in addition to leveraging the strongest available security technologies on the market to authenticate logins and transactions, YourID works with trusted identity providers to verify a user’s identity when they sign up.

The 4 pillars

YourID will be governed by an independent foundation. The YourID main foundation will be headquartered in Switzerland, where the law expressly prohibits the collection and interference with customer data from our partners. This guarantees the highest form of privacy for the individual and provides data enrichment for the participating partners.

Cross-Industry Collaboration

YourID is a collaboration of a wide variety of stakeholders, jointly supervising and controlling the platform. It consists of representatives from well-known organisations, as well as governmental bodies and professional organisations. This results in a trusted identity platform with re-usable identities, that is accepted by various verticals.

Founding partners can become part of the Swiss foundation’s board. This commits us to our promise of independence through collaboration with our partners and the vertical champions adopting YourID.

YourID is not a Vendor or commercial organisation. Instead, as an independent foundation, YourID can collaborate with any technology provider on a global scale and can adapt to the wishes of the participating websites/platforms and regional (legal) requirements. YourID’s technology-agnostic model enables the flexibility and accessibility required for large scale uptake and worldwide market inclusion.

Technology Agnostic

By working with the best-of-breed, already proven technologies to support identity verification and authentication, YourID will assemble the various components to create a trusted identity platform and will only develop necessary non-existing parts itself, guaranteeing quality and accountability.

Collaboration is key to our technology proposition. Working with trusted identity providers to verify user identity, our platform can begin every customer on-boarding with the utmost level of trust, and carry it forward with an unbroken chain of strong authentication. Technology agnosticism also enables YourID to be a future-proof platform, adapting to new technologies as they emerge.

By facilitating the re-use of (verified) identity information, YourID enables a smooth cross-industry experience for the user for free while participating platforms reduce costs for IAM significantly, since the cost of the platform will be shared by all participating platforms and websites.

Shared Cost

• Trust Receivers: Depending on the number of participating websites/platforms, YourID’s participants save up to 95% of the cost for IAM, resulting from YourID’s collective buying power and the ability to re-use (verified) identities. Joining YourID is financially more attractive than building and maintaining your own solution or contracting services from IAM technology suppliers by yourself.

• End-users: Basic account users don’t pay; these costs are covered by the participating platforms. However, users can upgrade their account for extra security or additional features, and can create their own Look & Feel. In those cases, there is an extra cost, that can be sponsored or paid by the user. When paid by the user, it will further reduce the cost to be shared by the participating partners. For a description of the various account types, see “How It Works”.

• Trust Providers: Trust Providers receive an annual payment and/or a payment for the cost per service supplied to users. Trust Providers benefit from YourID’s global scalability, giving them access to potentially hundreds of millions of new clients worldwide, providing extra recurring income.

Most of the technologies that we use on the internet nowadays serve to obtain a clear picture of (potential) clients, their needs and their wishes. For this purpose, many types of technological innovations are used, ranging from Cookies to Artificial Intelligence. On the other hand, we are facing an increasing array of rules, regulations and law enforcement policies that try to protect users through GDPR, CCPA and similar regulations, data management, the right to be forgotten, etc. This has created a continuous battle on different fronts and resulted in enormous fines.

Data Enrichment Through Consent

But why don’t we enrich data based on consent given by the user? Why not ask the user for “extended consent” and ask them whether they want to share their data and in return receive a benefit? Such a feature would enable data enrichment through a direct relationship between companies and users.

YourID makes this possible as an optional feature: in addition to verifying the user’s identity information, users have the choice to upload all kinds of other information in their profile, like medical and financial information, their hobbies and consumption preferences. With this optional feature, users can benefit from sharing their data by receiving discounts or other (financial) rewards from those companies, thereby creating their own centralised loyalty program. In YourID’s app, users choose what parts of their profile information they wish to share with companies and they can adjust these settings and revoke consent conveniently in the app.

This “data enrichment through user consent” also provides benefits to companies. It allows them to focus on users that have a high probability of being interested in their offers, resulting in a better User Experience. Furthermore, this accurate client targeting also leads to increased efficiency in marketing communications and sales efforts.

How it works

One time on-boarding on YourID’s re-usable identity platform is easy and convenient. Opening an account is as simple as entering your name, email address and phone number, or connecting an existing Google, Facebook, Amazon or LinkedIn account. Each account can be associated with multiple emails and telephone numbers, and leveled-up with additional verification factors to unlock enhanced physical and digital security features.


Onboarding & Login

Once successfully on-boarded, additional online profiles can be added to the user’s account. In addition to a Facebook or LinkedIn profile, users can also add other types of profiles, like a medical profile, financial profile or corporate profile. These profiles can then be used to share with third parties.

YourID App

YourID’s app will offer a variety of identity and authentication features based on one of four service levels –Basic, Basic Age, Basic ID and Premium Flex.

All Basic levels are free for users.

Real World Applications

The real world use cases for YourID are wide-ranging. Any time a relying party (company, government agency, public organization) needs to verify a user identity, YourID is the fast, safe and trusted option for physical and digital access, signing digital transactions, and proof-of-life. In a broad sense, the features of YourID can be summarized as digital access, physical access, and user identification. In addition, YourID boasts a comprehensive arsenal of business identification applications. Here are just some of the exciting ways YourID can be applied to today’s most crucial vertical markets: 





The foundation is based on four pillars:


       Consumers data security, eliminating ID fraud. 

       Consumers privacy, avoiding unwanted tracking and tracing within YourID’s                          platform. 

       User controls what ID information to share with who and where.

       Convenient and frictionless access, without passwords and usernames.


Although there exist numerous innovative technological solutions for many kinds of online access that are based on (all or some of) the same pillars, YourID's founders noticed that there is not a universal solution with one single app that is available for all consumers and for all online access situations


The reason for this, is that there doesn't exist a central impartial umbrella body that organizes and coordinates a collaboration between all online platforms and websites on a global scale. YourID's ambition is to become this umbrella body, based on its setup with an impartial position and its unique offering to the individual, while respecting the privacy and business relation between the individual and the online platform or website.


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Approach & Offer

Another key differentiator is that YourID is governed through a foundation that supervises the platform based on balance of power and joint control by a variety of stakeholders. This governance model and YourID's ability to collaborate with any existing high-end technology, make YourID the ideal consumer representative for all its technology partners. In addition, for consumers it means that they will finally have a centralized solution for all their ID representations united in one single app.


The user's mobile phone will be used as an identifier to get access to any online location through YourID's app. The mobile phone can be used as a stand-alone device or works in combination with a desktop computer. In addition, YourID's app will be able to provide access to physical locations.


A key principle of YourID's platform is that any website, CMS system and online platform can easily integrate YourID's technology with their own technology, after having downloaded the free plugin, that is made available on YourID's website and marketplaces.


One of the conditions that all participants in the platform should respect, is that they abide by the four pillars of our philosophy, which among others means that users should be able to easily revoke access to their data at any time whenever they wish to do so.


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Social Impact

Therefore, in addition to fighting ID theft and fraud, the YourID Foundation will also help victims of ID theft and fraud. We will do this by supporting associations where these victims are registered, among others with legal assistance and support from IT security experts, that will help the victims to reclaim their identity and get their life back on track. A percentage of the Foundation’s annual revenues will be dedicated to this goal.


In a broader sense, the YourID Foundation will support all activities that are related to creating a positive experience regarding a person’s digital identity. This is demonstrated among others by the goal of the YourID Foundation as described in the articles of association (the YourID Foundation is registered in The Netherlands), which is as follows:


Protecting consumers' privacy, personal data and digital identity in a transparent and independent way, promoting the control that consumers have over their digital identity and the control that consumers have over the use of and access to their data and digital profiles, as well as the development and provision of a digital platform based on innovative technologies with the highest attainable level of user-friendliness and security, that can become the international industry standard based on collaboration with the largest digital consumer platforms, thereby significantly contributing to the fight against identity theft and fraud, and performing everything related to this or which may be conducive thereto.

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